Millwrights Local 548

What is Millwrights Local 548?

The Millwrights Local 548 was founded over 100 years ago, making it the oldest millwright local in North America. The members of this Brotherhood are part of a long tradition of pride and craftsmanship that is amongst the very best in the market and industry. The members are covered by a collectively bargained agreement, which guarantees wages and benefits.
The union members can upgrade trade skills and receive training that makes them more professional, confident and safer in their working methods.

Common Workplace Injuries

  • Local 548 millwrights often get injured in single or multiple traumatic work accidents. They often suffer from lower back pain or lumbar herniated discs from different millwright job duties over time.
  • Industrial mechanical workers typically do strenuous physical work when installing or repairing machinery and equipment that compels them to move in and around machines in various positions that lead to low back pain or neck injuries.
  • The work-related cervical injuries often lead to numbness or tingling below the arms, also known as radiculopathy.
  • Millwrights install, reassemble, dismantle, move and repair, move machinery in power plants, factories, and construction sites, the uneven surfaces of which contribute to damage in the body over time.
  • Minnesota millwrights local 548, maintenance workers and industrial machinery mechanics suffer common injuries like cuts, bruises, and strains.
  • Dangerous scaffolding and faulty equipment lead to severe and traumatic injuries that cause permanent disability over time.

How Can Lawyers Help Millwrights Local 548?

The Law Office of Millwrights Local represents injured employees who belong to the Millwrights Local 548 Union.

Due to the type of profession, there are several occupational demands and health effects and injuries for millwrights and industrial mechanics. The physical work is extremely demanding. The work involves a lot of repetitive motion involved. As a result, there is an increased risk of lower back pain and for lower back injuries and disorders.

Millwrights Local 548 Lawyers are contacted by such injured millwrights or industrial mechanical workers. The lawyers help the injured get immediate medical attention and financial compensation that they would require.