Filing a Claim

Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyer

There are steps involved in the workers’ compensation claims process. First, you have to report your injury to your employer and then seek medical attention. Second, you need to see a qualified workers’ compensation attorney so you can talk about what occurred and what steps need to be taken next so you are not without an income for a prolonged period of time. Unfortunately, living expenses cannot wait, whether there is an income coming in or not.

Claims Process

After you have notified your employer of the injury in the workplace, he or she has to complete a “First Report of Injury” form within 10 days. This form is filed with the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation division. You then receive your medical help in which you tell the physician how you became injured and where because it will be used as evidence in your case. After you have been treated, you can then contact your Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer.

The reason why you need a qualified attorney as soon as possible is because the employer’s workers’ compensation insurer is going to contact you to find out what occurred. They will investigate the claim to determine its validity. This is the information that will help them determine whether to approve or deny the claim.

Claim Denial

If the claim is denied, that does not mean that there is no hope. Once you receive the “Notice of Insurer’s Primary Liability Determination” form, which tells you why the claim has been denied, you then take it to your attorney if you disagree with the denial. Medical evidence will have to be brought about to show the legitimacy of the claim. There may also be dialog with the insurance claims adjuster and with an Alternative Dispute Resolution specialist if the issue is a simple problem with the claim.

If the problem is not resolved, there is a dispute resolution process that you and your attorney can use. Mediation is away, which is an informal process in which you have the right to have your lawyer present. Your attorney can ensure that all of the proper paperwork requesting such meetings is filed and that all necessary information is provided so that the process moves as smoothly as possible. The goal is for you to receive your workers’ compensation coverage benefits as soon as possible so that you can focus on your recovery and not how you are going to pay your bills.

Contact A Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you are ready to file a workers’ compensation claim, Russell G. Sunquist is ready to help you make that happen. He will assist you through the claims process, including any conflicts that may come about so that you can focus on your health rather than become overly stressed with the workers’ compensation claim process. To learn more, call the Sundquist Law Firm Twin Cities office at 651-228-1881 or the Hibbing office at 800-457-4811 to schedule your free consultation.