Laborers Local 1097

What is 1097 laborers union?

1097 laborers union is affiliated to LIUNA and is primarily based in Virginia. It is initially lead by Business Manager Shawn Bradford. The organization is dedicated to serving almost 1000 members and lots of active retirees along with their family for over years now. Administered by an executive board, the main working area of this organization are- Construction and demolition of buildings, roads and highways, restoration and maintenance while taking good care of the environment by removing hazardous wastes from it. It also provides a pleasant working environment for members.

Common Workplace Injuries

The employees working with 1097 laborers union often suffer from back pain or severe numbness of neck and arms because they have to lift, drag and shift heavy industrial machinery for various construction or maintenance purposes. The workers are also at risk of facing unforeseen, traumatic accidents. Also, they might have to work more than their duty hours which may lead to lumbar herniated discs. Moreover, the employees have to work in very absurd positions like under a machine where there is almost no space or on top of a ladder of great hight which can lead to severe cervical injury, popularly known as radiculopathy.

A continuous process of installing, dismantling, repairing and moving of machinery in the power plants or at the factories makes a significant contribution to the spinal cord injury of the workers’ overtime because the surface area is not even always and it is extremely heavy. Apart from all these, minor burns, bruises, cuts or blisters are very common since they have to handle tools like a screwdriver, drill machine or tester always. A chance of falling from a height and injuring muscles, organs, tissues, bones or the spine can not be negated while working.

How Lawyers Can Help 1097 laborers union?

When injured or suffering due to an accident caused in your workplace, all you need is an attorney who will be helping you get the compensation you deserve from 1097 laborers union. Few of the ways lawyers can help workers are-

  1. If you are injured, and under medical treatment, your hired lawyer will be taking care of the reports to be filed with your employer, the proofs that are to be published and prescription and advice reports which have to go with your file.
  2. There are various types of work injuries which have different compensation rates, and it often varies from one company to the other. It will be the duty of your hired attorney to take care of negotiation with your employer and get you the maximum amount of compensation possible.
  3. The attorney will be taking care of your violation of rights at the workplace.