Ibew Local 110

What is IBEW Local 110?

Founded on 29 July 1912, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (I.B.E.W) represents members of almost 2400 in number all across the electrical industry. Gripped over thirteen countries, IBEW Local 110 in Minnesota aims at providing employees with proper methods and schedules in the electrical industry to our workers. We believe in the appropriate organization and communication which enables us to provide our members’ jobs even in public utilities or electrical manufacturing firms across the countries so that they can have a better lifestyle and a safe future.

Mission of IBEW Local 110

Our mission is-

  1. To organize and provide employment to workers all through the electrical industry, including public utilities and electrical manufacturing firms.
  2. Ensure full-time employment with acceptable methods and reasonable work hours.
  3. To settle any kind of dispute among the employee and the employer at the earliest and promote an environment of friendly work-environment.
  4. To ensure that the employee gets paid according to the standard wage rate so that his lifestyle is not hampered.
  5. To ensure job security, benefits, appreciation and worker’s compensation for the employee and also they should be able to consult an IBEWLocal 110 lawyer when required.

What Workers Can Do After Injury?

After being injured, the workers have to do are as follows-

  1. The worker has to inform the higher authority as soon as the injury takes place. If fatal, he should rush to the hospital for medical aid and can then notify the concerned person.
  2. He has to gather as many evidence as he can for providing it at the time of demanding compensation. This may include medical reports, photographs and testimony from people who may have been present at the time of the accident.
  3. He should be abiding by the law and take the necessary measures keeping the legal aspect in mind. He has the right to demand compensation for the injury and can also consult a Lawyer of IBEW Local 242.
  4. He should have explicit knowledge of the benefits he will get when he joins.

How Lawyers Can Help?

IBEW Local 110 Attorney can be helping you in the following ways-

  1. He knows the loopholes of the law and will, therefore, be helping you to lodge the case in a way which assures your compensation.
  2. He knows the evidence that is the strongest to turn the case in your favour and will take the necessary action to publish it in the court.
  3. If you are not eligible for payment while at leave or your health insurance does not cover all the medical expenses that you have to undergo, union IBEW Local 110 Attorney will defend you.
  4. If he is an expert, he will collect his own fees from the company.