Laborers local 563

What is Laborers Local 563?

Laborers local 563 has received its affiliation from LIUNA which has been the most responsive and dynamic as well as the quickest-growing trade union in North America for construction workers. No other union acts with such diverse aspects and in an effective manner as LIUNA does. The workers associated with us are assured of a better life in the future along with multiple practical benefits for the worker and his family. The wage rates are friendly, keeping in mind the interest of the employee, and there are scopes for collective bargaining agreements.

Responsibilities of Laborers Local 563

The workers at local 563 are responsible for –

  1. The workers will be enforcing rights for himself and his fellow workers as a part of the collective bargaining agreements.
  2. The workers are expected to help and assist other members in finding and hiring employees by using either the referral service or hiring hall.
  3. 563 laborers union has to enforce the different legal rights which have been reserved for the workers of the industry by the National Labor Relation Act.
  4. Also, they have to take care of any discrimination happening in the workplace enforcing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Benefits of Laborers Local 563

Local 563 Union has been providing incredible benefits for the members so as to boost their lifestyle and shaping their future for the better. The workers are entitled to get unemployment benefits along with a vacation fund which can be used at the end of every year to meet any surprise expenses or unforeseen emergencies.

College scholarships are offered to the workers or to any of the family members of a worker at laborers local 563. 10 to $1000 is being provided to the right and qualified candidate after application. Alongside this, various offers are offered for encouraging the motivating right candidates towards their goal. Apart from this, several benefits like health insurance or schemes like union plus are being created to safeguard the interest of the local 563 workers and their dependents. Different rental programs, credit card or car loans, as well as legal services, are also part of the benefits.