Knee Injury

Knee Injury Workers Compensation

When the knee is injured at work, it is a devastating event because walking becomes very difficult or impossible. In fact, many knee injuries leave a person disabled to some extent for the long-term. It is very rare that a knee returns completely back to normal after surgical procedures, even if its overall functionality is okay.

But no matter if your knee injury is a long-term or short-term injury, you have to have time to recover away from work and that time is most likely not going to be paid. If you file a worker’s compensation claim for settlement against knee injury, then you can receive 2/3 of your income while also receiving medical treatment so you can recover. If you will not be able to resume your current job or a job within the same industry because of the long-term effects of the injury, vocational rehabilitation can train you to assume a new career.

Types Of Knee Injuries

The type of knee injury is going to determine whether or not you are going to be able to return to your job, one similar to it, or work within certain sectors. Injuries that result in short-term disability with the possibility of you returning to the same work include:

  • ACL injury
  • Meniscus tar
  • MCL tear
  • CL injury
  • Patella fracture

Of course, the severity of the injury and number of surgeries may have an impact. Further complications can come about from these injuries. Another type of injury is chondromalacia. This is what occurs when the cartilage on the back of the knee bone softens because the knee is misaligned. This can cause tendon damage, damage to the meniscus, and fracture of the patella. In many cases, the trauma to the knee is repeated and this can result in the destruction of the cartilage. Surgery can be successful, but the effects of the initial damage can last a lifetime.

There are a number of other injuries, such as tendon rupture that can require tendon reconstruction. Nonetheless, there are injuries that can lead to knee replacement and this can lead to a lifetime of complications.

Causes of Knee Injuries

The causes are many. The most common cause in the workplace is a fall, especially from an elevated surface. Even slip and fall accidents can result in severe knee injuries. A person can be accidentally struck by another employee, their leg can become stuck under or in an object and twisted, or a large object may fall on the leg. If any of these or another event has occurred that led to a debilitating knee injury, contact your Twin Cities knee injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Contact A Minnesota Work Injury Attorney

A knee injury is debilitating because it affects your ability to walk. If you can’t walk, you cannot do everyday tasks, let alone do your job. Factor in surgeries and rehabilitation and you are looking at a lengthy recovery. Russell G. Sundquist believes that you deserve to be compensated during this period when the injury occurred while on the job. To learn more about workers’ compensation benefits in case of knee injury, call the Twin Cities office at 651-228-1881 or the Hibbing office at 800-457-4811 for a free consultation.