Ibew Local 242

What is the meaning of ibew Local 242?

IBEW Local 242 Union was formed in 1891, initially when the invention of things surrounding electricity was at its peak. It has been in business for over 126 years and has slowly expanded itself from a small market to supporting above 750,000 members in Central and North America. While most of the workers are electricians, the organization lends a hand of support to engineers, broadcasting or working in public-utility fields. Minnesota IBEW Local 242 ensures a reasonable wage rate, benefits for the workers and dependents along with retirement schemes.

What workers do after injury in the workplace?

The workers of IBEW Local 242 in Minnesota needs to take the following measures while injured-

  1. Rush to the hospital and seek medical attention. Keep a record of all the medical expenses incurred and keep the copies of the receipt.
  2. Ask people or look around at the spot of injury for any evidence which may make your case stronger. Take photographs of the site along with your injury.
  3. Write the accident account in detail while filing the report with your employer. Do not miss out on any part of the incident.
  4. IBEW representative will help you in proceeding the case further.

Types of Disability for Injured Electricians

An injured worker can demand workers’ compensation from IBEW Local 242. The disability of the injured electricians are –

  1. They can face a high voltage electric shock which causes irregular heartbeats or death.
  2. An electrician runs a risk of severe burn or slips since they work with high voltages and at heights from where they can fall down. In such cases, he must be entitled to temporary or permanent disability benefits since he can not work.
  3. If an electrician incurs a loss of any working part of his body, he has to be given light work-loads with fewer working hours.

How Attorney Can Help for workers compensation?

IBEW Local 242 attorney can do all the necessary help in case of a workplace injury –

  1. An experienced attorney will help you in building a secure file so that there remain zero chances for the employer to turn your compensation case down.
  2. A Union IBEW Local 242 attorney will guide you to place your file with all the required evidence, photographs, and receipts. He will ask for compensation according to the standard rate prevailing in the industry.
  3. He will make sure that all your legal rights are protected, your medical expenses are covered, and the employer is paying his fees.