Ibew Local 343

What is ibew Local 343?

Since 1919, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is bringing forward the construction electrician to be represented in the South of Minnesota. The IBEW Local 343 in Minnesota got its affiliation with its own charter so that it can represent construction electrician in 26 countries from the Mississipi River to the borders of South Dacoda.

IBEW Local 343 union safeguards the interest of the workers with a good wage and benefits while continues training programs are undertaken so as to bring nothing but the best out of the workers.

Benefits of ibew Local 343

Minnesota IBEW Local 343 offers the following benefits to its workers-

  1. The Cornell Hart pension plan enables every worker to ensure a fixed income after their retirement. They can put money in the fund up to 401K, and the employer will be putting down a certain amount in the fund as well.
  2. The company will be providing scholarships to you or your dependents which you can access for higher education or training.
  3. The company gives the room to its workers for a collective bargaining agreement where the workers’ demands are equally heard and negotiated.
  4. A friendly and wholesome work environment.

What Are The Workers Rights?

The workers are provided with the following rights-

  1. The union helps to decide and maintain a particular wage rate for each kind of job. It is your right to get the wage according to the rate that has been fixed.
  2. It is the workers’ right to get compensation in case of workplace injury, health benefits for himself and his family and also a retirement plan.
  3. The worker has the right to protest against any biased attitude or oppression he faces at the workplace and even can hire an IBEW Local 343 union attorney to file a case against the employer.

How Lawyers Can Help?

A lawyer can help a worker of IBEW in the following ways-

  1. He ensures that the standard code treats the worker of conduct. If any discrepancy in the behavior of the authority is noticed, he can send a legal notice to safeguard the workers’ interests.
  2. IBEW Local 343 lawyers ensure that the workers get the proper compensation he deserves in a workplace injury, his health benefits when he needs and all the retirement benefits he was allotted to.
  3. When a worker is injured, the lawyer can take care of the legal proceedings to turn all the favor towards the client.