Bricklayers Local 1

What is Bricklayers Union Local 1?

Local 1 Bricklayers Union, New York involves workers who have perfected the ability and art of bricklaying, tending of stones, setting of stones restoration work, masonry and also plastering of surfaces. The Union has a member base of over six thousand of the most talented and the most efficient masonry craftworkers from all over the world. Such unionized workers have the primary responsibility of setting the basic structure of buildings. The members working under the union have been pivotal in the construction of several famous buildings and structures, namely, Yankee Stadium, the Lincoln Centre, the Met-Life building, the Grand central terminal and thousands of other residential and official buildings.

Objectives of Bricklayers Union Local 1

The objective of the bricklayers and allied craftworkers Local 1 Union is helping, protect, develop and improve the overall welfare of the unionized members with the help of all lawful means without any limitation.

  • The bricklayers union works towards the engagement and organization of all workers within a particular jurisdiction to promote mutual good, protection and aid.
  • They also promote overall well-fare by considering important aspects like healthcare, growth and increase in wealth and basic safety of all workers along with their families.
  • They set a standardized rate for wages, specific working hours and required working conditions for all their members.
  • They preach, develop and implement certain programs which help to increase the social efficiency and the overall organizational unity of the members.
  • They encourage workers to participate in several research activities and programs related to education.
  • They make sure that their members have a basic knowledge of legal norms and activities that are required for the defense and the growth of the members.
  • They work towards promotion, development and implementation of several trade jurisdictional norms.

What is the Benefit of Bricklayers Union?

  • Health Fund

    The union members become eligible for several benefits related to their health. The health benefits include discounts in medical and vision checkups and treatments. Depending on the type of work, the members also sometimes become eligible for getting benefits and pre-medical treatments even after they retire.

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

    There are several workers under the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA). They are eligible to collect and store funds that they may use for reimbursing their medical costs and expenses.

  • Mutual Relief

    The Bricklayers Local Union 1 that is based in Minnesota aims to give benefits and other facilities to the workers who get injured, disabled or lose their lives at their workplace.

  • Retirement Saving Plan

    Unionized members working with the bricklayers local 1 engage in a Retirement Savings Policy. The policy aims to offer a singular account to all the participating members. The members can use this account to collect and save for their retirement.

Role of Bricklayers Workers Compensation Lawyer

The Law Office of Bricklayers Workers Compensation represents injured employees who belong to the International Union of BAC Local 1.
Bricklaying is a kind of profession that demands strenuous work and heavy physical activities. These occupational requirements often place the workers at risk of getting severely injured. They often have to carry piles of bricks from one place to another repeatedly. Consequently, they are prone to an increased risk of lower back injuries and disorders. The work might even cause chronic pain in the body. Such injured bricklayers or craft workers should contact bricklayers Workers Compensation Lawyers. The lawyers help the injured get immediate medical attention and financial compensation that they would require.