Heat And Frost Insulators Union

What is Heat and Frost Insulators Union?

Since 1903, The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied workers are committed to providing the best service by efficient and skilled workers and equally look after their well-being. After the world wars, the urgent need for the industry was met by our members. But unfortunately, workers who worked with asbestos died in a large number because of cancer, and it took us almost decades to prove that exposure to asbestos is causing disease. Being together and dedicatedly working for excellence is a legacy we carry and proud of.

Services of Heat and Frost Insulators Union

  1. We provide firestop compartmentation, which is a system in which all the outlets and openings are sealed in a wall or floor to make it fire-resistant. It safeguards lives because, without this, both fire and smoke are likely to spread from rooms very quickly.
  2. Since we are a mechanical insulation specialist, we train enthusiasts for a span of five years, and you can find a job with benefits to sustain your livelihood.
  3. We will train you to dispose of any hazardous material including asbestos, mercury or lead. Saving the environment is our responsibility as well!

How Lawyers Can Help in Claiming Workers’ Compensation?

  1. He will be helping you file a suit by bringing the right charges according to the law so that you get the compensation you deserve.
  2. He has the knowledge about the accepted proofs in the court of law and what are the injuries that claim a worker’s compensation. He can act accordingly.
  3. He will be taking care of the court of law and hearing dates while you can rest at home.
  4. He will be able to get you all your medical expenses and salary while you are not working.