What Type of Injuries Commonly Occur at Construction Worksites?

What Type of Injuries Commonly Occur at Construction Worksites?

When it comes to on-site safety, most injured Minnesotan construction workers have to rely on the state’s reporting system for a fair shake. 

However, if you’re wise enough to be a member of the Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program (UCWCP), you have options. Utilizing a work injury lawyer can often be the best way to navigate some of the worst injury reporting, however to start the workers comp process, you need to figure out what type of workplace injury you’ve sustained on the construction site. 

If any of these common workplace injuries sound familiar, then you’re not alone. Thousands of workers across Minnesota are dealing with the same pain you are, and they’re taking steps towards getting the compensation owed to them with expert legal representation

Environment Accidents

Some of the most common construction accidents in Minnesota are because of a dangerous workplace environment. These can range from issues with incorrect electrical wiring to unsafe scaffolding and beyond.

Accepting risk is part of the job, but taking care of flesh-and-blood workers is the responsibility of your employer. You deserve a safe and well maintained working site, and you are entitled to justice, especially when the accident is caused by your workplace’s tools, hazards, or neglect. 


Construction isn’t just hammers and nails. Operating dangerous equipment is a part of the daily routine, making it one of the most reported injury causes in the field. Simply by being near these machines, the likelihood of an accident increases substantially. 

Common machines that can cause injury include forklifts, cranes, saws, hydraulic pumps, power tools and more. You’re able to seek compensation whether it’s a simple ladder accident or missing safety guards on your essential equipment. 

Taking stock of what led to the accident is key in seeking remuneration. The more information you have on why the machinery failed, the stronger your case will be. This is also an area where a Minnesota workers compensation lawyer can help collect evidence and walk you through how to recognize equipment failure. 


There are few hazards more deadly than an exposed wire. In a perfect world, all electrical material would be covered, insulated, and safe to work around. However electrical accidents happen all the time, whether it’s due to a simple mistake or harmful negligence. 

Live electricity is serious business. The risks of working electricity can run from sparks to fires to arcing, and from simple slips to short circuits. Many times, these injuries can lead to complications making your claim harder to report and collect on. 

More often than not, more debilitating injuries from electrical accidents might require you going on long or short term disability. Consult a lawyer who has experience fighting for the working man.

Falling Objects

Construction workers are used to heights – it’s part of the job. But with those heights comes the risk of great falls, many of which can come toppling down on an unsuspecting worker. Although this can be classified as human error, this also can be attributed to faulty scaffolding and crumbling structures as well. 

If you’ve had a machine, tool, or structure fall down on you, then you’re able to seek compensation. This is an incredibly common injury in Minnesota, and it often leads to a long and drawn out process as your medical bills and complications pile up. Many have sought counsel to move past the initial worker’s comp to receive additional aid. It pays to have an attorney in your corner.

Human Error

Although construction worker injuries are commonly from machine and workplace accidents, many aches and pains can also be attributed to ourselves, our co-workers, and sometimes even strangers.

You may have been involved in an accident with other people, but were injured on your worksite, you are still able to seek worker’s compensation. 


This term might seem broad, but it’s the number one cause of injuries on a construction site in Minnesota. In fact, overexertion is a common workplace injury no matter what your job is. 

If you’ve hurt yourself doing physical labor, such as carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing, moving, or catching, then you’re likely experiencing overexertion. This is simple to prove, but because of its broad definition, it takes some time to decipher and report. This is also an injury to keep an eye on since, if you aren’t careful, can lead to further complications that impact your ability to work.  

Slips, Trips, and Spills

Moving around a Minnesotan construction site comes with its own set of perils and pitfalls. Sometimes literally. 

Slipping on a wet floor or tripping over equipment and materials can hurt enough, but if you fall in the process, it adds insult to injury. These insidious casualties contribute to a common set of injuries in Minnesota, especially during the winter months. If you’ve hurt yourself from a fall, even if it was over a patch of tracked-in snow, you may be able to seek workers comp. 

Get the compensation you deserve.

Minnesotan construction workers are tough and dedicated, but that alone doesn’t protect you from workplace injury. The UCWCP is an excellent alternative to the state offered reporting program and sees many of these injuries on a regular basis. 

Even though workplace accidents are common, that doesn’t mean you have less to lose. Letting these incidents go without seeking workers comp can result in lost wages, medical debt, and even being unlawfully let go because of your injury. Don’t let that happen to you!

Hiring a workers compensation lawyer is the best bet for navigating the hard after effects and guaranteeing your financial, physical, and mental well being. At Sundquist Law Firm, we specialize in getting Minnesota construction workers the justice they deserve. If you’ve been injured on the job, contact Sundquist Law Firm today and get compensated for your injuries.